Chapel of St. Anthony

The most beautiful view

View of the whole city

Originally a wooden chapel of St. Anthony was built in 1654 and according to the founding charter, its construction was initiated by the citizens of Dolni Kounice in honor of the patron saints of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Florian… „to intercede for the inhabitants who suffer from various fires and floods every year.“ The surrounding villages of Pravlov, Němčičky, Kupařovice, Malešovice, Odrovice and others from the Dolni Kounice princely estate contributed to the construction. One hundred years later, it was rebuilt into a brick building, as it was not enough for a large number of pilgrims. The chapel building has a large arched dome and three entrances – the main and two side.

The chapels – the individual stops of the Stations of the Cross – were built sometime in the early 19th century. In 1899, cast-iron sculptures, each weighing fifty kilograms, were taken from Blansko to individual stops. Originally there were paintings of the old Stations of the Cross from the church by the river, which was demolished after the flood of 1862. Old paintings from the Stations of the Cross have gone unknown.

In 1948, the chapel, damaged by the war, was repaired. Another overhaul began in 2013. The work began with the cutting of trees and since July the main work on the roof has been underway. Reconstruction of the chapel continued in 2015 with repairs to the facade.

Thanks to the location of the chapel, you can see the most beautiful view of almost the entire city and its biggest monuments.




Opening hours

At present, the chapel is used mainly for pilgrimages on the feast of St. Antonín, on occasions other than church holidays, is not accessible.

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