Chapel of St. John the Baptist

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Former cemetery chapel

The former cemetery chapel on náměstí Míru from the sixteenth century completes the space near the park on the second largest square in Dolni Kounice.

Jan Tišnovský from Cynenberk (Czinenperk) as the mayor of Dolní Kounice donated a house and a plot of land called „Vostřihom“ to the village for the construction of a new cemetery, where the cemetery was located until 1947. The chapel of St. John the Baptist was built here in 1590. It has a star-shaped vault and blends partly in the Renaissance and partly in the Gothic style. The chapel is currently located about 75 cm below the surface of the surrounding terrain, as it was gradually increased during the reconstruction of the square after 1945.

From January 1, 1938, burial stopped in the old cemetery. A place above Dolni Kounice behind the Jewish cemetery on the way to Šibeničná was designated for the new, then so-called communal cemetery. The old cemetery in Závodí was still left until 1948, when all crosses and monuments were removed from it. A complete reconstruction of the chapel was carried out in 1958. In June, the doors and windows of the pointed arches made of hardwood according to the original form were walled up and brick hexagonal paving was laid, made by hand to order in the Karlovská brickyard. Another repair of the exterior facade was carried out in the 1990s.



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