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During the period of the creation of the new Jewish community, the Jewish community in Dolní Kounice acquired a suitable plot of land for the construction of a new cemetery under Šibeničná hora. The cemetery is actually located just above the Jewish quarter, just 200 meters south of the synagogue, on a slope above the village and has a beautiful view of the city and the river.

Tombstones are distributed throughout the cemetery. The oldest from the 17th and 18th centuries is located in the northern part of the cemetery. In total, there are 1,500 tombstones in the cemetery. They are all facing east with their inscriptions. The oldest is from 1688 and belongs to a man named Josua Selig ben Jacob Braunschweig. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, the inscriptions were cut out in Hebrew, later in German. Several tombstones bear the surname Kreisky. It belongs to the family of the Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky.




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