Orthodox Church of St. Barbara

In the shadow of others

A history full of changes

Partly hidden from human view, yet for several centuries part of the history of Dolni Kounice. This is a picturesque, recently reconstructed Orthodox chapel, popularly called „Barborka“.

The chapel in its present form was built by Jiří Richter of Brno under Ferdinand Ditrichstein in 1688. The Gothic chancel from the original choir has been preserved in a modified form and a Renaissance extension of its own chapel was added, above which is the Dietrichstein emblem (wine knives) with the date. Originally, the sect of the Valdenský and Boleslav brothers had their prayer house here – a church in the Gothic style – which Jan of Žerotín donated his house to. In 1560, Jiří ze Zástřizl also donated the house to him, so that the warden could live there and the brothers would have a place to practice their craft.

After the flooding and closure of the old parish church by the river in 1862, all Catholic services, baptisms, weddings and funerals were held here until 1879 with the consent of the Dietrichsteins of Mikulov. However, the chapel served this purpose only as an unsatisfactory, small makeshift and only until a new parish church was built and opened.

After the First World War in 1921, the chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian were leased by the Dolni Kounice municipal council to the newly established Czechoslovak Hussite Church for a period of 15 years. In the nineties of the 20th century, the chapel was thoroughly repaired with the help of the city, and Sunday Orthodox services are held here regularly. Exhibitions or concerts of sacred and classical music are also held here, such as every year during the Christmas season or on other occasions during the year.





suitable for seniors


parking 250 meters


Opening hours

Regular Sunday Orthodox services are held here.

Occasionally there are exhibitions and concerts of sacred and classical music.

Other times by telephone appointment

Tel.: 733 722 506


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